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Garderobe Guru is the best place to meet all of your wardrobe needs. We provide you with the best service possible in a fashion-controlled, changing world.

Our real strength and best-selling point is the fact that we are one stop shop that provides you with multiple services, showing how versatile we can be. You get all you need in just 'one stop', ensuring your convenience by having your multiple needs met in one location.

Wardrobe Management & Closet Organization


Some of our top-notch services include Wardrobe Management - we offer assistance to people who constantly have difficulties deciding what to wear. Our wardrobe management will enable you to know what makes up your wardrobe and will help you make a decision on the final look. Also, our Closet Organization is aimed at keeping your outfit in perfect rotation while also ensuring that your outfits and styles create ideal look on a daily basis.


Vacation Wardrobe Styling and Packing

Vacation Wardrobe Styling and Packing is one of the essential services rendered at Garderobe Guru. We understand that packing for vacation can be an overwhelming task even as people tend to get too anxious and not prepare well for the vacation. Helping you style and pack your wardrobe is what  we do to ease you of stress and guarantee a holiday with a perfect wardrobe.

Personal Styling


Our esteemed service to you also include Personal Styling and Packing where we make sure that we unlock your personal style formula and help you choose accessories to go with the right clothing and shoe. We supply you every material and tool needed for any changes you want. We also ensure you of the best service available, in setting your wardrobe when you pack and while moving from a location to another.


Custom Tailoring & Alterations


Garderobe Guru also focuses on Custom Tailoring and Alterations for special events. We specialize in tailoring high-end clothing which suits our customers adequately. In addition, creation of custom clothing and performance of any alteration is our quality.

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